Experimental sound-lab

To experiment with sounds is a passion of mine, and nowadays, with all these amazing apps and plug ins, it expanded the horizon of possibilities enormously. It's all about finding just the right sound or sounds cape, by programming a synthesizer or combining different sounds capes. I love to create soundtracks for movies or Live theaters, taking an ordinary recording and tweak it up to effectiveness.


To find the ideal sound often takes a whole arrangement of things. For example:

By recording a Guitar, it makes a big difference, where one places the microphone.

Simultaneously I record the clean sound trough a D.I. Box in order to remap the signal afterwards and tweak some more.


It often happened to me, while playing around with synthesizers, that out of an experiment comes a theme for a new song or an amazing bass-line. Or vice versa, that I spent a few hours to make an existing bass-line or Pads-cape the way I imagined it.


My slogan here is;

Imagine anything and dive deep into the Universe of sound.






"Music gives a soul to the universe, winGs to the mind, flight to the imagination, and life to everything"

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